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Visual communication art design in the new media era

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的paper阿根廷国家队官方赞助商范文- Visual communication art design in the new media era,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了新媒体时代的视觉传达艺术设计。新媒体艺术对视觉设计艺术影响的根本点在于观念的塑造,它是新媒体艺术的灵魂,只有这样,才能让受众通过视觉作用,感受艺术设计的魅力,最终接纳设计者的观念。任何形式的设计都要注重人性化色彩的彰显,在以人为本的和谐社会中,视觉传达设计在发展中也要注重应用人性化设计理念。设计者在进行设计时应注重增添人性化交互设计元素,使受众可以与视觉传达作品、设计者进行较好的沟通。

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In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology in China, the arrival of the new media era has brought unprecedented development space and creative passion for visual communication design.

Art design is to point to based on modern design idea, theory, is established according to the design with cultural market, it can improve enterprise's artistic connotation, cultural value, let the goods production, marketing, economics, property right, law, culture, advertising, and other products elements, forming perfect the art of the chain, to enhance product art design value and the function of correlation, maximize the behavior influence of visual art design concept.

At present, the concept of visual art design in the new era includes visual communication, art advertising, traditional design, art influence, social ideology, human emotional tendency and other aspects. The objects of visual communication art design include art institutions, artist groups, art commodities, art information, art finance and so on.

As the visual communication art design is faced with the art field and related industries, through a series of modern management means to maintain the independence of art creation, sales, appreciation and other links, so modern visual communication art design is still facing many challenges and problems. So far, our country art industry development is very rapid, by experts and scholars at home and abroad, continuously research and survey the concept of visual communication art design is a "development setback" period, because formed by "commercial art design" into "graphic art design", the idea must meet the demand of social change and stochastic change, otherwise the art design to create products will lose the original charm. Art design of commodities is different from other production management. There is a special "non-profit part" in its management system, which cannot be measured by economic value.

The fundamental point of the influence of new media art on visual design art lies in the shaping of concepts, which is the soul of new media art. Only by possessing certain concepts can artistic works have "life", and only by allowing the audience to feel the charm of artistic design through visual effects, can they finally accept the concept of designers. But in the social practice, some people simply put the focus of the new media art design technology level, think that as long as the use of network technology in art design and digital means you can call it new media art, under this kind of one-sided understanding, originally of art through the network and digital technology to get it out to the Internet or other electronic media, you can call it new media art, this view ignores the one of the most important factors in the new media art, that is creative.

When explaining the course "sketch head modeling design", teachers can start from the head, trunk and morphological characteristics of the sketch object to carry out comprehensive artistic treatment. Because the emphasis of modern visual communication art design is different from that of traditional management mode, students should learn to adjust their own thinking and practical operation process of art design.

Any form of design should pay attention to the highlight of humanized color, in the people-oriented harmonious society, visual communication design in the development of the application of humanized design concept. Designers should pay attention to adding humanized interactive design elements when designing, so that the audience can communicate with visual communication works and designers. For example, in the design of web pages, designers can design specific user-friendly interactive Windows, so that visitors can make reasonable Suggestions on the design of web pages.

At present, our mental structure has become accustomed to the virtual, or even virtual thinking has become a way of understanding the world, some online game addicts would rather immerse themselves in the online world rather than return to society is a good example. In the art design of new media, designers should pay full attention to the multimedia symbols between the virtual and the real, so as to enhance the influence on the audience's visual art design. Take snickers' advertisement as an example: Played well a basketball on the playground, after eating a snickers, his fantasy for yao Ming, wait until after the snickers back to reality, this is a kind of transformation between the actual activities, the intention of advertising is telling us snickers can relieve fatigue, and inspire confidence in the efficacy, when audiences watch ads, will naturally in snickers this product, the reason is that virtual symbol - yao's presence, so think of yao Ming can think of snickers.

Visual communication design is not only a synonym for a professional discipline, but also represents the rich life of human beings. In the new media era, what our people need more is designers with innovative thinking, communication design beyond vision and visual communication design with Chinese characteristics. The development of visual communication design needs excellent designers to grasp the direction of design and enrich the content of communication. Need the tolerance of the masses, help visual communication design to have the courage to innovate. Need the attention of the society and the help of fund, help visual communication design develop rapidly.


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