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The influence of visual design on the operation and promotion of new media

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的paper阿根廷国家队官方赞助商范文- The influence of visual design on the operation and promotion of new media,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了视觉设计对新媒体运营推广的影响。视觉设计在新媒体推广的过程中起着重要的辅助作用。任何产品的制造都是从粗糙到精细,在网页建设方面同样如此。综合一些新媒体运营网站来看,其在设计方面存在突出的问题。特别是视觉流程的缺失,新媒体的运营涉及面比较广泛。媒体广告也是视觉设计在新媒体运营方面应用的重要形式。为了强化新媒体运营推广的作用,在相关设计中必须加入视觉设计,如此便能给人们带来视觉方面的震撼效果,从而给人留下深刻的印象,进而加强推广作用。

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With the continuous development and promotion of electronic information technology and Internet technology, the speed of information transmission is getting faster and faster. People need to receive and process a large amount of information through various devices every day. In order to provide people with high-quality information services and obtain economic benefits, the application of new media comes into being. Communication and promotion have always been a problem that must be faced in the operation and development process of new media. After a long period of exploration and thinking, new media has realized that it must pay attention to the establishment of its own symbol characteristics and value, so it pays more attention to the visual image and carries out various shaping through visual design. Under the influence of visual design, the operation and promotion of new media are injected with new power.

As we all know, the majority of information we receive comes from our eyes, even in new media. Therefore, the importance of visual design in information communication media can be recognized. In the process of new media operation, the introduction of visual effect can produce many positive effects. After several years of development, the network technology matures, the new media operations in the process of operating space is gradually expanding, but it also inevitably caused new media information push mad with all sorts of problems, this is obviously not conducive to the new media of information transmission, which to a certain extent, can limit the expansion and operation of new media. Combined with this situation, the appropriate introduction of visual design is particularly important. The following is a simple analysis and discussion focusing on visual design and new media operation:

As mentioned above, the main research object of this paper is the influence and effect of visual design on new media, so a relatively complete understanding can be obtained only by combining the actual development status of the two. Firstly, visual design is an important part in the field of modern art design. Visual design is often connected with the development of commodity economy, providing intellectual support for its development. In recent years, media has gradually become a new direction of visual practical application. In a word, visual design is an important academic theory and practical design technology. New media is not only a phenomenon but also an environment. The maturity of Internet technology and mobile terminals provides fertile ground for the development of new media. New media is a relatively broad concept, the Internet, mobile media or all kinds of online media can be called new media. New media can provide rich online information services to the public and achieve equal communication between communicators and receivers. Frankly speaking, new media is WeChat, weibo and so on that we are familiar with.

New media needs to push a large amount of information for users in the daily operation process. If operators fail to control it effectively, information receivers will be surrounded by numerous and complicated advertising information, and their efficiency of receiving information will be greatly reduced. In the long run, users are bound to be disgusted by new media. Therefore, under the feedback of users, new media has been optimized to some extent for this situation, and its means are mainly visual design. Through reasonable design, users can quickly find the information needed by themselves or others from the massive information, so as to receive media information efficiently and conveniently.

New media operation market is vast and incomparable, how to stand out is a major problem that troubles operators. Combined with daily life, new media that can be recognized as "special" can be easily remembered by people, and this kind of special can be both content and form. Content is neglected, form is specialized, and visual design has much to offer. First of all, you can design a special logo for the operation team, so that the information audience can have a deep impression on it. In this process, efforts should be made to shape the business philosophy and behavior concept, and establish a clear sign, so as to promote the promotion and development of new media.

Fundamentally, the meaning of the existence of new media is to convey information. If it is separated from this fundamental, there will be no operation. Therefore, new media operation units often make great efforts to apply visual design technology in the transmission of information. Improving the efficiency of information transmission is an indispensable part of the operation of new media, which requires the receivers of information to get information from articles or pictures quickly and accurately. In this process, there are many factors to be considered, including people's emotions and reading habits. When new media can take into account people's information receiving needs more comprehensively, the efficiency and quality of information transmission will be significantly improved. Meanwhile, users' acceptance of new media will also be improved to some extent.

Visual design plays an important role in the promotion of new media. Website is the online bearing unit of the vast majority of new media. The establishment of high level web pages with characteristics is one of the important conditions for the promotion of new media. The manufacture of any product is from rough to fine, and the same is true of web construction. According to some domestic new media operation websites, there are prominent problems in their design. First of all, some web design is simply to meet the basic use of functions, but not from the overall layout, nor to highlight their own characteristics, the promotion of new media need not say more. In addition, the lack of visual process is also a serious problem. The operation of new media involves a wide range of aspects, which can be seen in its push content. However, new media cannot simply exist as the transmitter of information, but should also make itself a carrier of rich and humanistic information, so as to provide better information services for people. New media advertising is also an important form of application of visual design in new media operation. The reason lies in the gradual increase of advertising in new media at the present stage, which is a considerable income for new media operators. In traditional advertising design, visual design is indispensable, so is new media. In order to strengthen the role of new media operation and promotion, visual design must be included in the relevant design, so as to bring visual shock effect to people, so as to leave a deep impression on people and strengthen the role of promotion.

There is no doubt that visual communication plays a positive role in the operation and promotion of new media. It can also be recognized that while the operation and promotion of new media is constantly strengthened, visual communication has also been developed in it, and the combination of the two presents a virtuous cycle. However, with the continuous development of Internet technology, the forms of new media operation and promotion will also change. This also requires the operation team of new media to innovate in the application of visual communication in order to provide greater impetus for the development of new media, promote the development of new media in China to a higher level, and bring more convenience and information to art design workers.


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