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The plain language of painting in Russian oil painting

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的paper阿根廷国家队官方赞助商范文- The plain language of painting in Russian oil painting,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了俄罗斯油画中朴素的绘画语言。俄罗斯油画的绘画语言朴素而真诚是其艺术特色之一,这些作品重在表现生活,情感,和自然。例如在画家叶列梅耶夫的作品中,色彩的运用虽然有时很对立,撞色很齐齐多,但依然感觉自然而然,朴实无华,这和画家朴实无华的个性直接相关。叶列梅耶夫是一位宽容,善良,无争的绘画大师,他对待描绘的对象充满了质朴真挚的情感。

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The painting language of contemporary Russian oil painters is simple and sincere is another artistic feature. They focus on expressing life, emotion, and nature. For example, in the works of the painter yeremeyev, although the use of colors is sometimes quite opposite and contradictory, it still feels natural and unpretentious, which is directly related to the painter's unpretentious personality. Yeremeyev was a tolerant, kind and uncontroversial master of painting, who treated the objects he painted with a simple and sincere emotion. In the heart of oil painter sidorov is always filled with the fragrance of love, Taoism and dharma is the painter's lifelong pursuit, they all create touching oil paintings in plain, plain and lyrical painting language.

The difference between Russian contemporary oil painting and Russian traditional realistic oil painting lies in that Russian contemporary oil painters creatively develop new artistic language in the original realistic oil painting language, forming the artistic style of Russian contemporary neo-realistic oil painting. It is somewhat like the transformation of Chinese Confucianism and Taoism. One is the strong sense of social responsibility, and the other is the artistic thought advocating freedom and Taoism, law and nature. This change of ideas is related to social changes. Today in Russia, there is no war, no political intervention and suppression, and no debate on cultural direction. Everyone is free and equal to present themselves on their own stage. This relaxed artistic atmosphere makes the creation of contemporary Russian oil painters reduce the epic, social and eulogizing theme creation of heroes, and replace it with more interpretation of human nature, praise of life, love of nature, or sincere expression of the painter's inner emotional world. On the basis of inheriting traditional realistic oil painting language and absorbing the essence of Russian national art and world oil painting art, Russian contemporary oil painters have made great breakthroughs and innovations in art language. The most representative and innovative painting language is the "decorative" painting language and "Russian composition" painting with Russian national characteristics

Painting language, the two promote the development of contemporary Russian oil painting art. In addition, compared with traditional oil painting, the language of artistic creation of Russian contemporary oil painters is characterized by symbolism, imagery, exaggeration, expressiveness and modernity. The new painting language of Russian contemporary realistic oil painters has brought a new atmosphere to the development of Russian art in the 21st century.

Decorative painting language plays an important role in contemporary Russian oil painting, which is the product of Russian national spirit. In fact, the reason why early Russian modern art can quickly go to the world is largely from the national and decorative nature of the painting language. Today, the use of decorative graphic language painting is still popular with contemporary Russian realistic oil painters and easy to use painting methods. Decoration makes Russian oil painting art distinctive and becomes one of the green channels for Russian oil painting art to enter the world.

The frame composition of the old Russian ICONS is strongly decorative. In lublyov's three saints, there are obvious characteristics of plane, generality, exaggeration and deformation of subjective artistic treatment, which are typical features of decorative painting language. Russian contemporary oil painters have creatively applied the painting language composed of the pictures in the Russian traditional fresco to the present creation and made remarkable achievements. For example, the painters melnikov, yeremaev, kaluta, ma mitulich, sokolov, safkuyev and others boldly chose decorative painting language to solve the problems of space, shape, color and so on. The adoption of decorative painting language is a breakthrough for traditional Russian oil painting expression language. Melnikov took the lead in his creation by using decorative painting techniques, which accelerated the formation of "melnikov style of painting". For example, his works "summer", "sisters", "dream series" and so on all have the bright color of the ancient saint image mural art, as well as the decorative plane composition meaning. The works of ma mitulich, safkuyev and other painters are more strongly decorative, with flat pictures, clean lines and typical decorative art languages such as exaggeration and deformation. The decorative painting language promotes the formal beauty of the works of contemporary Russian realistic oil painters.

Many contemporary oil painters in Russia habitually like to use the decorative colors of the Russian nation to establish the color relations of the picture. For example, drawing on and using the rich, saturated and gorgeous colors in ancient icon paintings; Draw lessons from and apply the color beauty of objects and clothes from Russian folk life to organize the picture. The colors of these folk or ancient murals have a strong decorative, they provide nourishment for artists to create, inspire creative inspiration. Yelemyev absorbed the colors of Russian folk art and achieved decorative artistic effects in the juxtaposition and complementation of colors. Melnikov always inculcates the students to learn the decorative painting language in the ancient mural art and seek the decorative beauty of the picture color through the coordination of various colors. Kaluta, ma mitulich, sokolov, safkuyev, bogosian, bestrov and other painters have also enriched the expression of contemporary Russian realistic oil painting with decorative color language.

Contemporary Russian oil painters use symbolic painting language to implicitly express their feelings and thoughts, leaving the audience room for reflection and aftertaste, greatly enhancing the depth and connotation of the works. The extensive use of symbolic painting language by contemporary oil painters in Russia is a great leap forward from the traditional expression language of oil painting. After the great patriotic war in Russia, the country has gone through too many changes, and people's thoughts have also undergone huge fluctuations. As a result, people's hearts are full of various desires and expectations, so a large number of thematic and symbolic oil paintings emerge as The Times required. Melnikov's masterpiece farewell depicts the complex psychological state and expression of the elderly mother's farewell to her son who is about to go to war. It has Shakespeare's tragic symbolic characteristics, which greatly shakes people's hearts. The image of the mother symbolizes the glory of human kindness. Many people who lost loved ones during the war could not help but burst into tears after seeing this painting, which aroused great resonance in the society at that time. In the works of safkuyev, a large number of symbolic artistic creation language is used, which serves as the best medium for the expression of profound thoughts of the painter. Sarfekuyev's work "the scarecrow in love", with the symbolic painting language cleverly tells a rich philosophical story: the scarecrow fell in love with the beautiful woman working in the field, but the result is a dream that can never be realized... This symbolic meaning of the author's thoughts on the expression of the role played a fuel.


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