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A creative prototype of an animated cartoon character

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的paper阿根廷国家队官方赞助商范文- A creative prototype of an animated cartoon character,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了动画卡通形象的创意原型。卡通形象逐渐成为一种符号化象征的代表。但卡通形象无论如何的设计,任何时期把它塑造成任何样子,它都是一个拟人抽象化的艺术形象。艺术形象具有意义性,每一个艺术形象都不会是天马行空出现的,都会有一个创意的原型参考,创意原型的真实性使它具有独特的风格与强烈的视觉冲击力,易于识别。

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People found the existence of cartoon images from the earliest exaggerated sketches. With the progress of science and technology and the popularization of information, cartoon images emerged from abstract patterns and gradually entered the public's vision. Whether it is book illustrations, comics, animated films or game characters, some cartoon characters gradually become popular, and a large number of cartoon stars emerge. In the 1980s, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck produced by Disney became household names in China. Cartoon image, as a virtual image, is created by artistic processing of association and imagination according to the form of real things. It is concise, vivid and lovely, easy to remember and easy to accept. When creating animation works, it is very important for the design of cartoon image. High-quality cartoon image has great influence and appeal, and has its commercial value. For example, in Tom and jerry produced by MGM in 1939, the lively cartoon characters bring different visual effects to the audience through the interpretation of the conflict between cats and mice in real life. The humanized design makes Tom and jerry popular among the public. Not only the emergence of derivative products but also extended to brand effect, the field of e-commerce.

Cartoon images have achieved great success in commercial marketing. Exaggerated images and anthropomorphic humor are representative and strong enough to attract people's attention, generate strong impression and create unique images and symbols. The identity setting of its cartoon image is very critical. It can strengthen the character of the characters, and usually choose appropriate characters, animals and plants in accordance with the characteristics, and design them into concrete shapes. Therefore, the selection of the creative prototype of cartoon characters plays an important role.

Cartoon image has gradually become a representative of symbolized symbol. But the design of the cartoon image anyway, at any time make it into any appearance, it is a personification image of abstract art. Artistic image has meaning, every artistic image is not powerful and unconstrained style, there will be a creative prototype for reference, the authenticity of the prototypes that it has a unique style and strong visual impact, easy to identify. For example, why the cartoon image of Tmall is a cat is derived from the pronunciation of "mall" in English, which is similar to the pronunciation of "cat". Because the majority of consumers are women, designers adopt the t shape of the body structure design, make Tmall image such an arrangement has highlighted the cat naive and cute at the same time with women's sweet and lovely. Pinocchio, a cartoon character from Disney's Pinocchio, eventually becomes a real puppet because he develops the valuable quality of honesty. "Every child is not perfect, it may have shortcomings and errors", "Pinocchio" image seized the creative prototype design concept. Make "Pinocchio" has the moral sincere brave heart, after the test of temptation, finally from the puppet turned into a real human, showing the unique personal characters and contain cultural connotation. The herald commented that Pinocchio is a perfect combination of imagination and technology. The cartoon Pinocchio is the reason for its success because it has the function of teaching and entertaining teenagers unconsciously.

Through animation technology advances, the authenticity of the cartoon image is actually a fictional reality. In other words, in getting creative prototype, on the basis of redefinition, appearance is more and more vivid, expression level of relationship is more and more exquisite. Can more real objective performance role, accurately grasp the audience to accept the in the mind to make real and unreal together. For example, the author design cartoon image of nanjing teachers "south the lion", the first thing to associative thinking based on nanjing teacher the words to parse, second to find the words with the same concept connotation, and "lion" in Chinese, and the lion has a terrible posture, The reputation of the king of beasts is in line with the rigorous image of teachers. In the animal world lions are strict and unspoiled with their young. Therefore, it is very appropriate to choose the creative prototype of the cartoon image of the lion as a teacher in nanjing.

The design of cartoon image connects and creates meanings by combining the patterns representing different meanings on the basis of creative prototypes

Give the external form that accords with our conception, convey the information that expresses adequately. The creation of the expression form is to think and collect the image elements needed. In the process of designing "southern little lion", we should transform the real lion image into cartoon image. We should consider three aspects according to the prototype: first, the reference of its appearance; Second, the inherent characteristics of the prototype; Three is how to carry on the exaggeration transformation. You can refer to the cartoon model of simba in the 1994 Disney animation "the lion king". Simba's cartoon image is not separated from the real characteristics of a lion, such as thick brown hair, strong forelimbs than hind limbs, very wide claws and long tail. At the same time, simba's face adopts anthropomorphic features, including a straight and broad nose and chin, and brown hair divided into two parts, which highlights the overall character of kindness. In the composition of cartoon images, we can learn from simba's modeling design, while considering the interest of his image.

In the process of preliminary design, there are no creative prototypes that are out of touch with reality. The body of "southern little lion" is composed of simple geometric forms, making the graphics as simple as possible. The design of the two bodies is out of the concrete image of the physical lion and more of a search for similarity in temperament.

The design of trunk and limbs is the basis of cartoon image, the author used the circular body composition with the design of cartoon big head to present the cute effect of the baby. This has the advantage of lessening the lion's ferocity and making it more noticeable. The shape of the tail does not deviate from the prototype, and the lines remain uniform, rounded and smooth, highlighting the original morphological characteristics of the creature.

The core of the cartoon image is the facial expressions. The cute cartoon image usually has a pair of big eyes. The cartoon image of nanjing teachers should be endowed with a sense of seriousness while being cute. The little black dots without eye socket restraints look lovely and lovely. The right accessories can enhance the image of the cartoon character, and the large glasses frame highlights the solemn and poetic quality. The shape of the eyebrows is composed of simple curves. The lion is the largest cat. In the design of the mouth and nose, the cat's facial features are used for reference. Contrast meng modelling design is easier to be accepted by the audience.

The use of color is directly related to its function. The color is determined according to the nature of the creative prototype. Secondary colors are consistent with primary colors in brightness and hue. The less colors are used, the more generalized the image will be and the more memorable it will be.

The cartoon image design of "southern little lion", exaggerated transformation of the creative prototype lion, simple shape, slightly cute expression, "v" shape gesture to express the students' problem solved blessing, the "south" character on the chest means it comes to nanjing and serves nanjing. Simple geometric modeling language to create a minimalist cartoon image with interesting creative prototype and character Settings, can stimulate the audience's sense of identity, forming a beneficial interaction with the audience.

On the perspective of communication studies need to strongly "image" to let the audience get cognition, animated cartoon image prototypes is crucial. It serves as a kind of symbolization of existence is closely related with its design. You can bring the audience the characteristics of the first impressions are most lasting. The audience like the cartoon image, accept this prototype image is essentially to cultural traits. The discovery of the prototypes and access is is of vital importance in the cartoon image design, high-quality cartoon characters can go beyond the prototype ontology, a more deep sense of indirectness and more widespread. Animated cartoon image is the symbolic meaning of meaning, Successful cartoon images are easy to identify and appearance of the distinctive characters. Fiction and imagination of real cartoon image after from prototypes can be more realistic, forms, though some different, but formed a unique manifestation of animation art image language, enabling it to other forms of art can't have colorful charm.


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