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Vice President of the United States

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的Report范文- Vice President of the United States,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了美国的副总统。在美国副总统历史发展的整个传统时期,副总统一直处于弱势地位,有的时候甚至成为政治笑话嘲弄的对象。副总统这种弱势的根源在于宪法和政党政治在总统和副总统之间造成的天然鸿沟。宪法造成的鸿沟是副总统的部门身份不清,而政党政治造成的鸿沟使总统和副总统缺乏信任。直到二战结束后,这种情况才有所改善。

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The position of US Vice President was created by the Constituent Assembly as an approach to better presidential elections. Its constitutional powers is to serve as the President and the Head of Senate when there is a vacancy in the presidency presidncy, and also the right to break a tie vote. Throughout the traditional period of its historical development, the vice president has always been in a weak position. Nominating the vice presidential candidate became the way to appease different factions inside the party. In addition to Adams and Jefferson's term, being the vice president in the traditional period it is often seen as the end of one’s political prestige. Influential political figures generally do not accept the vice presidential nomination of political parties. What is more, the Vice President has often become the target of political jokes and mocking. Such weakness of the Vice-President has the root causes from the natural divide between the president and vice president as a result of the Constitution and the political parties. Divide caused by the Constitution is that the department identity of vice president is unclear, while the one caused by the political parties is that there is a lack of trust between the president and the vice president.

In the 20th century, this situation began to change under the drive of many factors,. Among these changes, the most important one is that the function of the center of vice presidency began to tilt to administrations slowly, while the relationship between the president and vice president have shifted from political distrust to political cooperation. On this starting point, the vice president also beginning to assume some of the tasks in the executive branch. Improvement of relationship between president and vice president has also cuased the vice presidential candidate to began playing an active role in the presidential campaign. With the more and more important role of vice presidential candidates in the presidential elections as well as their responsibility in the executive branch, presidential candidates began to seek control of the nomination of vice presidents. During Roosevelt's four presidential terms, the rapid expansion of presidential power, the outbreak of World War II, and the popularity of President Roosevelt himself has gained him the power to decide vice presidential candidacy. This pattern has finally gained bipartisan recognition. After World War II, under the impacts of president Truman, the Congress passed the National Security Act, which marked the establishment of the National Security Council. According to the National Security Act, the vice president is a statutory member of the National Security Council. Thereafter, the functions of the vice presidency began to shift to the executive branch. This change marks a generation of modern vice presidency. After that, an institutionalization process from Nixon's vice presidency to Mondale’s vice presidency was completed, which allowed the vice president to gradually enter the White House inner circle of power.

Under these changes, the vice president began? to play an important role in domestic and foreign affairs after World War II, showing increased influences. In the diplomatic field, especially, the performance of the vice president is more prominent. After the World War II, the vice president played different levels of diplomatic roles including ceremonial, presidential envoy, foreign policy spokesman, foreign policy adviser to the President and crisis dealer. To play these roles well, the vice president have visited overseas, gave speeches, accepted interviews, lobbied the Congress, participated in decision-making meetings, provided advice and opinions to the President, and be in charge of a special committee or agency. However, it should be noted that not every vice president was active and played an important role to influence diplomacy after World War II. Vice President Nixon has played multiple roles and influenced the field of diplomacy, which was a symbolic significance in the history of World War II. However, after Nixon, vice presidents like Johnson, Humphrey, and Agnew were more inferior in diplomacy, while Humphrey and Agnew was excluded from the decision-making circle. When Mondale served as the vice president, he and Carter reversed this situation so that vice president once again became active in the diplomatic field by making new breakthroughs. Under the influence of multiple factors, it has become a trend and norm for the Vice President to participate fully in government's foreign affairs.


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