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作业阿根廷国家队官方赞助商:The sale of shoes

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的Report范文- The sale of shoes,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了鞋子的销售。鞋子是我们生活中最常见的东西之一,每个人都会有需求,所以鞋的销售市场是巨大的。由于收入的不同,消费市场也不同。根据不同的性别和年龄,对鞋的要求也不一样。当然,最重要的事情是保证鞋子的质量。对于女性来说,鞋子的销售有必要设计一个精美的包装,以此吸引女性。而对男人来说,他们更注重品牌和质量。



The product that I chose is shoes. It is no doubt that shoes are one of the most common things in our life. How to introduce new shoe into market? There are several plan needs to complete before introduce the product.

It is necessary to establish a clear and appropriate target market in terms of demographic criteria, psychographic criteria and behavioral criteria. In order to clarify those criteria, create the mission statement is very essential. With the help of make a focused mission statement and integration of the laundry, then set up the framework and foundation of work product introduction.

Demographic criteria

Everyone needs to buy the shoes that the market for shoes is huge. Because of the different income, the consumer market is also different. According to separate gender and age, the requirement of the shoes is also different. Of course, the most important things are to maintain the quality of shoes. For women, it is necessary to design a beautiful packaging to posit the product into their world. And for men, they pay more attention on the brand and quality. After analysis the data about the consumer, the main age range of the customers for our shoes is focus between 16 - 30 years old. According to the survey, girl buy more shoes than boy and they are easier to attract by the beautiful things. For most of young girls, they have the ability to afford the payment.

Psychographic criteria

In order to establish a clear and appropriate target market in terms of psychographic criteria, it is necessary to identify the mindset, personality traits, values, lifestyles, interests of the goal customer. One of the useful things is building built a certain position in the mind of people. As for the young girl, you need to set some tag about the shoes, such as the design, simplicity and beauty. In order to win the business, personalized design is very useful. It is useful to help the customer to establish the brand emotion. With the help of analysis of the target market, the insights will prove to be invaluable to develop the sales and marketing materials.

Behavioral criteria

The human mind is irrational, because our perception is really easy to influence. It is very important for the company to make a commitment for their customer about the product. Make a certain commitment, then multiple psychological mechanisms are activated, so that the person will be even more committed than when it was a more reasonable commitment. It is useful to sales the shoes with some “free” strategies, such as buy one for two at beginning.


Even if the shoes that we provide has major advance in what the competitors offer, it is also needed to perform a careful analysis of the competitors. Then learn their location, price and sell their products, see their reaction and respond to market changes. In addition, you will have enough time to prove the advantage of your product, establishing meaningful ways to reward heavy users. Such as promotes the reward in the product or to launch new products in continuity. Based on the ideas and information, pay special attention to the new product to analyze its position is necessary. Consumer decides to buy the shoes depend on their benefits, it is necessary to identify the practical purpose of the shoes. Even if we clearly see that the shoes that we provide is different from what the competitors offer, it also needs to make the customer know it. Remember, many products are "losing" of the market. It is useful to provide a unique benefit of the shoes.

A creative team with complete detailed plan is essential in order to deliver the promised benefit.

There are two different series that focus on different girls. Such as Young Series and Elegant Series. For Elegant Series, people can ask the design group to design the shoes according to the clothe that they want to wear together.

Brand name is appropriate and creative

The band name needs to pay more attention in order to make sure it has a positive connotation in different languages. A perfect brand can help people establish the loyalty. Such as when you decide to buy a motion shoes, the first chose may be the Adidas or New Balance. Since the customer of my shoes is the young girl, the brand name need to easy member and love. Such as Venus. Since Venus is one of the Greek goddesses who represent love and beauty. Using Venus as brand name means the shoes can make the girl become beautiful and fell in love with Mr. Right.

Appropriate outlets

There are two outlets can help us to introduce the shoes. One of the outlets is to sell the shoes on shop as normal. The other way is to sell the shoes through internet. With the help of online shopping and the social network. Most of the people who able to purchase the brand shoes are interested in the Internet. Based on Internet, the number of new marketing channels in the face of consumer level, and can excavate potential customers.

Promotion ideas are appropriate and creative

Promotion ideas can mobilize the buyer enthusiasm of people over a period of time, the interest and use hobbies of customer. Make customers understand the new product as soon as possible. It is also useful to motivate consumers to purchase for the first time, if people feel satisfy about the new product, they may repeatedly use or recommend it to friends.

Pricing ideas are appropriate

Prices usually are important factors that influence the success or failure of the deal. It is also uncertain factors in the marketing. Enterprise using pricing ideas to boost sales and profits. This requires enterprise considers both the cost compensation and accept ability of consumer about the price.

Consumer psychology has obvious difference between men and women. The market as a whole has a specific consumer group. Rational consumers often buy this product from affordable, quality assurance, after-sales service and so on into consideration to do decisions. Impulsive consumers tend to the choose and buy the products that are reduced by the product promotion.


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