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美国论文阿根廷国家队官方赞助商:The Jaguar Land Rover

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的Report范文- The Jaguar Land Rover,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了捷豹路虎。捷豹路虎是一家英国的跨国汽车公司,拥有两个顶级奢华品牌。公司主要业务是开发、生产和销售捷豹和路虎汽车。公司的宗旨是生产出优异的耐久性和产品质量,具有良好的功能、风格和设计。路虎强调的是供应商和客户之间的关系,是有效的管理,而并非单纯提供优质的汽车。

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Jaguar Land Rover is a British multinational automotive company that owns two iconic British car brands:Jaguar, a luxury sports and saloon car brand since 1922, and Land Rover,the world's leading manufacturer of premium four-wheel-drive vehicles and luxury SUVs. It is also a major exporter in the UK, with 80% of its vehicles being sold abroad(UK Trade and Investment, 2013).The business operation this report will be focusing on analysing is Land Rover(Jafartayari, 2010). The market Land Rover competes in is the forefront of the premium automobile market, and its main competitors in this market are Audi, Mercedes and BMW(Zubir, S. 2012).

Business Operations

Figure 1 Input-Transformation-Output Diagram(Miller, 2009)

Through the use of the process to transform the "input-output model ", the operation is in a group in the process of the input resources used to transform something, or convert themselves into the output of products and services(Slack, 2007). Through changing input into output, use 'input into the output process(Johnston, 1998).Figure 1 shows the general model of the car conversion process.

Land Roveris a typical goods production and operation.All of the micro and macro and operational in Land Rover is based on its customers and suppliers.The whole system part isneeded to complete the mission of the company(Johnson&Scholes, 2002).The company's aim is to produce excellent durability and quality of products, has the good function, style and design(Grady, 1988) “.Land Rover is to emphasize the relationship between its suppliers and customers, is the management effectively, and provides the high quality car(Habidin, 2012).Enter the transformation output shows what kind of operation management Land Rover earnings in order to obtain the goal(Greasley, 2009).Land Rover production car in the process of the transformation output with input limited product line(Power& Sohal, 2001).The company is suitable for all kinds of control system in the process of production than the application of lean production mode(Hashim, 2013).

Proposal to increase value added by the operations

For a car factory, the higher efficiency means lower cost which can make their products have a stronger competitiveness(Yang, 2011). The welding workshop with more automation robot, save more time to complete a car and automation rate is above 85%, such a high rate of high quality automation for provides the guarantee to build intelligent car manufactory(Johnston, 1998). Land Rover also equipped with weld sealing robot, NVH/LASD robot and chassis stone hammer material robot, all the process to achieve automatic operation of the robot(Molamohamadi, 2013). In the same time to improve the accuracy of the seal that is not only save manpower, but also increase the volume stability(Yuan, 2012).

In addition, Land Rover should achieve a large number of Internet technologies, to establish full coverage of WIFI in the assembly workshop. Specifically, a large number of spare parts in the transport of AGV transport robot, reducing the distribution of personnel, in improving the efficiency of the distribution while reducing the risk of the employee to take part time and take the wrong parts(Jafartayari, 2010). In the process of assembly, though the SAP/MES/FRID/Andon system, the information such as assembly, tightening, filling, testing and other information accurately deliver to the relevant equipment(Yang, 2011).

Due to the variety and the complexity of the process, the assembly line of engine is very important In the process of assembly(Voudourisa,2012). Therefore, the RFID technology will support the engine assembly line to achieve high precision, high efficiency, high flexibility and high quality of production(Vinodh& Joy, 2012). Through RFID identification of current production models, so as to guide operator to take right aircraft parts, and requires the operator have access to the operation signal feedback to assembly line formed by interlocking(Hu, 2012). When the operator did not take or feedback error signal. In automatic measurement and tightening of the assembly area, manufacturers need to collect measurement data, and through RFID transfer to the line of PC to collate and evaluate, and then make the appropriate statistical reports and quality analysis(Shinkle& Spencer,2012).

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