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Modern environmental art design

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay阿根廷国家队官方赞助商范文- Modern environmental art design,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了现代环境艺术设计。现阶段从很大程度上来说,环境艺术设计水平已经成为城市或地区发展水平的一大标志。而在环境艺术设计中,景观形式极其重要,关系到环境艺术设计的环保功能能否实现。因此,在对环境进行艺术设计时,设计人员应进行合理规划,摒弃一些成本高、耗能高、占地面积大的环境艺术设计,顺应自然环境的基本发展规律。

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In the backdrop of the rapid development of economic society, we must attach much importance to the construction of ecological civilization, must attach great importance to the protection of ecological environment and therefore in the process of the current environmental art design, it should also be further introduce related concept, ecological civilization to better promote the scientific development of the art design and sustainable development, the better the modern environment art design expression form and there is an urgent need of combination of ecological civilization needs. For modern environmental art design, due to the changing of ecological environment, the influence of the design of new period must be able to actively keep pace with The Times, to introduce the concept of ecological civilization as a design practice, and through the environmental art design better protection, ecological environment better combining design and environmental protection, better development and promote social harmony and progress.

At present, the market economy is developing continuously. In the process of economic development and social progress, people are increasingly damaging the ecological environment and wasting energy and resources. In the new era, in order to better promote scientific development and sustainable development, ecological environmental protection has become one of the national sustainable development strategies, gradually affecting all walks of life, affecting people's basic life. Under the requirements of scientific development concept, paying attention to ecological civilization is conducive to improving people's living standard, promoting harmony with nature and promoting sustainable development of human beings. By adhering to the concept of ecological civilization, we can better promote the development of economic civilization, better promote the conservation of energy and resources, better optimize the use and rational use of resources, and effectively control and manage the pollution in the current ecological environment protection to further reduce the damage to the ecological environment.

For modern environmental art, it is an art that makes full use of contemporary science and technology as well as advanced design concepts to transform and redesign the current natural environment. Including the adornment of the environment, environmental modelling, the structure of the environment, etc., can be through the modern art design optimization and improvement, to better help people improve the quality and level of environment, meet the diverse needs of the people, the artificial elements and natural elements together effectively, promote the harmony of man and nature. Modern environmental art design can also comply with the basic law of natural environment development, while meeting people's basic material needs, the design should follow the correct values and development concept, promote the construction of ecological civilization and spiritual civilization.

A key point of modern environmental design optimization is to optimize the use of land resources to improve the rationality of the design. In the current urban development process, the shortage of land resources has become one of the important issues of urban development, and how to better improve the use of these land resources. Need to strengthen the green environmental protection and greening design, through the design and the efficient use of resources and combination, the pursuit of better maximize the benefit of green environmental protection, in the process of design to be able to actively according to space and land resources area to determine a reasonable design scheme of fully using the small lawn, the advantages of the small flower beds characteristics, reasonable use of land resources in space. Only by optimizing the use of land resources can the basic needs of ecological civilization be met.

At present, to a large extent, the level of outdoor environmental art design has become a symbol of the level of urban or regional development. In environmental art design, landscape form is extremely important, which is related to whether the environmental protection function of environmental art design can be realized. Therefore, when carrying out artistic design of indoor environment, designers should make reasonable planning and abandon some environmental artistic design with high cost, high energy consumption and large area. For example, fountain is one of the elements commonly used in environmental art design. In fountain design, many designers blindly pursue the so-called spectacular and design some fountains with large area and large water consumption, which deviates from modern ecological civilization. When designing a fountain, designers should investigate the surrounding environment and the flow of people, and design a fountain that is in harmony with the surrounding environment to avoid the waste of water, electricity and other resources.

In the process of modern environmental design, to be able to respect the humanity in art design, adhere to the people-centered, in the process of inheriting Chinese excellent traditional culture, better integrated into the more excellent culture and western elements, promote the organic unity of inside and outside, fully manifests, promote cultural elements will closely blend of tradition and innovation, closely unified the domestic and foreign, by mutual fusion and mutual promoting better improve the level of the environmental art design, the real environmental art design to design of ecological civilization.

The development of the natural world follows the corresponding development rules, so in the process of environmental design, the basic properties of the natural environment should also be followed. Unscientific and unreasonable environmental design should not be carried out at the cost of sacrificing the natural properties of the ecological environment. Take the basic law of ecological environment development as the basic starting point of design, reduce the damage to the ecological environment, pay attention to the natural properties of the ecological environment, improve the utilization rate of the natural environment, so as to promote the rationality and scientificity of environmental design, promote the progress and development of modern civilization, and promote the protection of ecological environment. The concept of ecological environmental protection and ecological civilization is actively integrated into modern environmental design, which will better promote the further development of environmental design and conform to the normal law of human and natural development.

Today, with the increasingly severe ecological and environmental problems, people in the pursuit of high-speed economic development and high quality of life, it is inevitable to attach importance to ecological and environmental protection, must adhere to the concept of ecological civilization, strengthen the implementation of ecological and environmental protection under the concept of ecological civilization, improve the awareness of ecological civilization. For modern environmental art design, to be able to follow the basic idea of ecological civilization, positive will design and the integration of ecological civilization, through constantly meet people's needs and development law of ecological civilization, better improve the level of the current art and design, guarantee the quality of art design and environmental characteristics, and thus better reduce the damage to the ecological environment and pollution, better sustainable to promote the development of modern environment art.


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